Three Ball Illustration – Small – Lite


An interest holding visual illustration for a concise presentation of the of the gospel message. Ideal for anyone who desires to give a simple, clear understanding of God’s love and His solution to the sin that prevents us from having a personal relationship with Him.

This “lite” version of the Three Ball Illustration is good for situations where a table for the stand is not available or the stand is not otherwise needed or desired, and helpers are enlisted to hold the ends of the rod. Another variation is to use a rope (not provided) instead of the included rod.

A larger version is also available; both with and without the stand.

Includes: Twenty inch long aluminum rod, wood cross, and three 4″ diameter balls.

Note: ball colors vary and may not be the same as those shown in photos.

A version which includes a table-top stand is also available for situations where it is not desirable to have others on stage with you to hold the ends of the rod.

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Nearly 2,000 years ago the greatest Person Who has ever lived gave the greatest challenge that has ever been given. That challenge was to take His message of love and forgiveness to every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth. (Matthew 28:20) Whenever possible Jesus would use simple, everyday, earthly examples, called parables, to help clarify and communicate a heavenly truth. That is the purpose of this VISUAL presentation of the Gospel. Studies have revealed that after 24 hours the average person will only remember 6% of what he or she hears, but they will remember about 60% of what they see. This visual presentation of the Gospel now makes it possible for a person to not only hear the Gospel but to SEE the Gospel. They can see the problem, they can see the solution, and they can see the results of receiving Christ.

Following is a brief outline of this visual presentation. The Lite version does not come with the stand which is shown in these photos.

God and Man separated by Sin

This illustration starts by showing that God and man (the balls on each end) are separated and prevented from having the fellowship that God had originally intended for them to have. If man is ever going to reach God, somehow this barrier (the middle ball) caused by our sins has to be dealt with and removed.Three-Ball-Illustration_01_start_-_reduced

The Cross represents God’s Solution

The cross is the symbol of what Jesus did for us. Because of His love for us, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place to pay the death penalty for our sins. (Here the cross is attached to the middle ball.)Three-Ball-Illustrationl_02_cross_attached_-_reduced

Jesus Christ Removed the Barrier of Our Sins

The most important thing that God wants each of us to know is that He loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ- to die (point to the cross) in our place (point to yourself) for our sins (point to sin ball) and in doing so, Jesus Christ removed the barrier of our sins.Three-Ball-Illustrationl_03_cross_raised_-_reduced

Fellowship Between God and Man Restored

The very moment we are willing to say “Thank you, Jesus, for dying for my sins, come into my life and make my life what you want it to be.” (slide the two balls together) at that moment Jesus Christ brings man and God back into an eternal relationship with each other.Three-Ball-Illustration_04_god_and_man_restored_-_reduced


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