Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes


Authored by Andre’s daughter, Stacey Kole, this book deals with self-esteem issues which many young women encounter, that often lead to disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes shows the importance of having God’s perspective on the inward beauty of the heart, instead of our outward appearance.


Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes is a message for all women who feel frustrated and defeated by the unrealistic standards the world imposes on them. Author Stacey Kole was the winner of the Miss Arizona USA title in 1998 and placed sixth at the nationally televised Miss USA Pageant. In this book she offers women simple biblical insight and instruction to aid them in overcoming the deceptions of the world. Through her own battles with an eating disorder and identity issues, Stacey Kole has discovered that true self-worth comes not from attempting to satisfy the expectations of Society, or from what can be accomplished through a woman’s own ability, but from who she is in Jesus Christ. Stacey enthusiastically encourages women of all ages to search out their hearts to find their true identity in Christ. This book takes women on a journey of discovery, helping them to see how incredibly beautiful they are in God’s eyes. She is also the author of Satisfying the Starving Soul, a biblical recovery guide for eating disorder sufferers. Stacey holds a Masters Degree from Dallas theological Seminary. She and her husband currently live in Tempe, Arizona.

Author’s autograph not available for this book.