Book Combo – Mind Games and Astrology

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A value combination of Mind Games and Astrology and Psychic Phenomena at a deeply discounted price.

Mind Games: A shotgun approach to explaining a variety of supposed supernatural phenomenon. Written by Andre Kole and Jerry MacGregor – 286 pages. Copyright 2002. See the full description.

Astrology and Psychic Phenomena: Andre Kole and Terry Holley show convincingly how the success of psychics and other demonstrators of paranormal phenomena depend on deceit and slight of hand rather than on genuine supernatural powers. 90 pages. Published by Zondervan. Copyright 1998. See the full description.


In Mind Games, Andre Kole provides clear explanations for supposed miracles and wonders and educates readers about the deceptive trickery behind astrology, UFOs, ghosts, mind sciences, and other unexplained phenomena. See the full description of Mind Games.

Astrology and Psychic Phenomena includes:

  • A concise introduction to the topics
  • An overview of spiritualism, parapsychology, psychics, and psychic powers
  • A biblical response to each group
  • Tips for witnessing effectively
  • A bibliography with sources for further study

See the full description of Astrology and Psychic Phenomena.


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