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Astrology and Psychic Phenomena


Are psychics indeed gifted with supernatural powers? Andre Kole and Terry Holley show convincingly how the success of these and other paranormal phenomena depends on deceit and slight of hand rather than on genuine supernatural powers.


Astrology, Tarrot cards, Ouija boards, spiritism, psychic healing, palm reading, and old-fashioned fortune telling (now called psychic consulting) – all these are popular in America today. Psychic hotlines are heavily represented on television with testimonials to their amazing ability to give people accurate details about their past and predictions about their future.

This is an age when countless groups and movements, old and new, mark the religious landscape in our culture, leaving many people confused or uncertain in their search for spiritual truth and meaning. Because you may not have the time or opportunity to research these movements fully, these books provide essential and reliable information and insights.

This book includes

  • A concise introduction to the topics
  • An overview of spiritualism, parapsychology, psychics, and psychic powers
  • A biblical response to each group
  • Tips for witnessing effectively
  • A bibliography with sources for further study

90 pages. Published by Zondervan. Copyright 1998 by Andre Kole and Terry Holley.


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